1. Showcase: Space Wolves Thunderwolves

    Showcase: Space Wolves Thunderwolves


    From the Mountains of the Maelstrom come the legendary Thunderwolves, hulking beasts with jaws so strong they can chew through steel. There are several known instances of senior Space Wolves tracking down and ‘breaking in’ Thunderwolves, and this practice, thought to be an initiation ritual into…

  2. Showcase: Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolves

    Showcase: Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolves


    The wolves of Fenris are legendary beasts whose lives are inextricably linked with those of the human tribes that share their ice-bound world. It is considered a great feat for a battle-brother of the Space Wolves to hunt down a pack of these wolves when armed with nothing but his wits. If he…

  3. Showcase: Space Wolves Grey Hunters

    Showcase: Space Wolves Grey Hunters


    Now that's I've got a couple of boxed games finished, I want to take a bit of a break before diving straight into the next one. I feel like I've neglected my Space Wolves army for so long, it's now time to start again. Rather than building another Blackmane company it's time to choose a new one. I…

  4. Showcase: Gorechosen Redarg Bloodfane

    Showcase: Gorechosen Redarg Bloodfane


    One of the most favoured of Khorne, the Exalted Deathbringers kill in order to ascend further in the glorious name of the Blood God. Every attack wrought with their hideous weaponry, every kill made, every panicking enemy slain without mercy or hesitation brings them closer to the pinnacle of…

  5. Showcase: Gorechosen Kore Hammerskull

    Showcase: Gorechosen Kore Hammerskull


    Utterly terrifying warrior-smiths who, legends say, simply appeared out of nowhere, striding from the wilderness with a psychotic gleam in their eyes, the Skullgrinders are hulking creatures that command awe even amongst the most lunatic of the Bloodbound. Wielding sacrificial, burning anvils at…

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