1. Showcase: Grey Knight Librarian

    Showcase: Grey Knight Librarian


    Here is my next completed miniature, a minimally converted Grey Knight Librarian. I'm getting closer to finishing off my Grey Knight army with only a few squads and vehicles left. I also think I've finally found the photography technique that I will continue with from now on. Miniature Review There…

  2. Showcase: Grey Knight Purifiers

    Showcase: Grey Knight Purifiers


    Finally! It's been a while since my last post, I've just got so tired of painting silver! However, I finally got round to completing this squad of Grey Knight Purifiers and am so glad they're out the way! So two of these guys I finished months back, but for whatever reason I just never got round to…

  3. Showcase: Grey Knight Dreadnought

    Showcase: Grey Knight Dreadnought


    After spending odd mornings and weekends painting and modelling I’ve finally finished my Dreadnought. It started off as a standard Dreadnought, to which I added the Paladin/Terminator banner and Dreadknight incinerator head and fuel canisters, along with a metal support. I also added the Dreadknight…

  4. Showcase: Ironjawz – Morglum Necksnapper

    Showcase: Ironjawz – Morglum Necksnapper


    As mentioned in my previous article I've been working on my first green character. Well he's no goblin, but is a really cool classic Black Orc Warboss, and I think he should keep all those gobos in line. Meet Morglum Necksnapper! Morglum Necksnapper was the leader of the mighty Necksnapper tribe of…

  5. Showcase: Realm of Battle Boards

    Showcase: Realm of Battle Boards


    Remember these? Spot any differences? They are my Realm of Battle Boards with a bit more work done as I wasn't happy after completing them around 6 months to a year ago. So the problem I had after finishing off the boards was sealing the snow. I applied a special glue that very firmly attached the…

  6. Showcase: Space Wolves Imperial Knight

    Showcase: Space Wolves Imperial Knight


    So to start of my Space Wolves army I thought I'd start big, and you don't get a lot bigger than an Imperial Knight! It is possibly the most impressive miniature I have ever painted and likely will remain that way for a good while to come. I much prefer the pose over the out of the box pose of the…

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