1. Update: Blacksmith 09 - Finishing Touches

    Update: Blacksmith 09 - Finishing Touches


    The first part was to add the stab to the top of the chimney. For this I took the slab I made earlier and cut some new pieces of cork to use as legs to hold the slab up at an angle. I painted these black and glued them to one side of the chimney using superglue, then glued my larger slab painted…

  2. Update: Blacksmith 08 - Flocking

    Update: Blacksmith 08 - Flocking


    The first step was to cover the ground with watered down glue, then applying a layer of fairly fine sand to create the initial dirt texture. Some of the sand was allow applied between the ground flagstone where the dirt would naturally get between, then sealed in with the watered down glue using a…

  3. Update: Blacksmith 07 - Painting

    Update: Blacksmith 07 - Painting


    To begin with I made a black wash and applied it over the mortar and and ground slate with a sponge to give it some definition. I also added some below the walls to help create a better transition later on. I added a few layers of the wash, applying it with the brush in the smaller areas to create a…

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