1. Update: Blacksmith 05 - Ground

    Update: Blacksmith 05 - Ground


    This is the point I decided to glue the house to the base, and I cut out a bit of wood to extend the canvas as it slightly overlapped. To create the base I squashed up tissues and hot glued them to the base to create the rough shape of the hills. This is to prevent applying the Fast Drying FastMache…

  2. Update: Blacksmith 04 - Plastering

    Update: Blacksmith 04 - Plastering


    Before starting the plastering I decided to add the base colors for the wood and the brick. For the wood I used a wood stain paint after spraying the balsa wood first to help the stain to flow over the wood. This was just a thin coat for now to get the base color down before applying the plaster. I…

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