Showcase: Trove Of Arcane Glory

Showcase: Trove Of Arcane Glory

Published 2022-05-01

A collection of magical loot – books, scrolls and a sextant – surrounding an open chest, in which more books, scrolls and potion bottles are found;

Miniature Review

The final miniature is probably the most complicated to paint. Just look at all those books! There's also a few other items of interest, including some kind of globe, some kind of star watching apparatus and a number of potions sitting within the chest.

All the bits surrounding the chest give the objective a good size and all the bent scrolls and flowing paper add some nice shape to pull everything together.

Painting Techniques


Nuln Oil
Agrax Earthshade
Runefang Steel
Necron Compound


Retributor Armour
Agrax Earthshade
Retributor Armour
Liberator Gold
Stormhost Silver


Blood Angels Red
Flesh Tearers Red
Mephiston Red


Agrax Earthshade
Seraphim Sepia
Ushabti Bone
Screaming Skull

For the writing I used a fine point pen to draw some squiggles of random lengths across the pages.

Books, GLobe & Bottles

Iyanden Yellow
Yriel Yellow
Gryph Hound Orange
Troll Slayer Orange
Creed Camo
Krieg Khaki
Ork Flesh
Moot Green
Magos Purple
Kakophoni Purple
Volupus Pink
Emperors Children
Gryph Charger Grey
Blue Horror
Talassar Blue
Altdorf Guard Blue

Each book and bottle was given a contrast paint base, then highlighted using a layer paint. The paints listed above show the 8 different combinations used. The bottles and globe were also given an Ardcoat layer to make them shiny.


I'm not happy with how the globe came out, I really don't think I should have made it shiny. I'm not fully sure how I should paint it though, so I'm going to leave it for now and see if I get a good idea in the future.

In contrast, I am happy with the mix of colours for the books and the writing actually came out alright for how quickly I did it. Using a pen is so much easier than using a brush!

Well that's the set done, next up I'll get a couple of photos of everything together.