1. Showcase: Dreadfleet Curse of Zandri

    Showcase: Dreadfleet Curse of Zandri


    Even by the standards of the Undead fleets of Nehekhara, King Amanhotep's warship the Curse of Zandri is a strange and wondrous craft. It is propelled through the waters by hundreds of skeletal oarsmen, undying soldiers whose strength is drawn from the tides of magic so that they will never tire…

  2. Showcase: Dreadfleet Black Kraken

    Showcase: Dreadfleet Black Kraken


    The Black Kraken, Tordrek Hackhart's ingenious creation, really captures the spirit of a terrifying sea creature - if anyone could build such a metallic behemoth, then it would be a crazed Chaos Dwarf Engineer. The articulated tentacles lend a sense of the sinister to what is already an esoteric…

  3. Showcase: Dreadfleet Components

    Showcase: Dreadfleet Components


    Miniature Review To continue on with avoiding the boats I painted all the playing pieces. The Wind Gauge token has a lot of great detail on it, and is completely different on both sides. The Ship's Wheels are only one sided but again look really nice, with the text and skeleton captain adding a lot…

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