Showcase: Lost Patrol Infestations

Showcase: Lost Patrol Infestations

Published 2022-06-19

Miniature Review

These infestations are fairly simple but look great on the board. A lot nicer than cardboard tokens. There's not much else to say, they're just tentacles with jaws!

Painting Techniques


Volupus Pink
Terminatus Stone
Wrack White
Praxeti White


Phoenician Purple
Genestealer Purple
Flesh Tearers Red
Kakophoni Purple
Screaming Skull

Flesh Tearers Red was added as a wash in the recesses of the mouth, and the Screaming Skull was used to pick out the teeth.


I painted them in the same colours as the Genestealers, again using the airbrush. Things went a little smoother this time, but there's still a huge amount oif room for improvement!