Showcase: Lost Patrol Scouts

Showcase: Lost Patrol Scouts

Published 2022-06-25

I can think of few greater xenos threats to the Imperium than that of the Genestealer. An apex predator possessed of intelligence and cunning that rival our own, they exist for the sole purpose of reproducing in vast numbers and sowing utter chaos in their wake.

Miniature Review

To begin with I wasn't sure if I should paint these guys as Space Wolves, so I could use them in my main army, or paint them as Blood Angels as they are on the box. In the end I didn't think they really looked Space Wolfy enough, and I didn't want to spend time converting them, so I just went with the box to keep things simple and get them done quickly.

As with the Genestealers, these Scouts looks fairly dated compared to the modern Primaris marines with all the same hair cuts and similar poses. There's not really much detail on them either, which at least makes them easy to paint.

Painting Techniques



Blood Angels Red
Mephiston Red
Wild Rider Red
Wild Rider Red
Screaming Skull
Screaming Skull

After the Wild Rider Red layer, mix Wild Rider Red and Screaming Skull 1:1, then apply a final Screaming Skull spot highlight.

Black Metal

Black Templar
Thunderhawk Blue
Fenrisian Grey

Leather Armour

Black Templar
Grey Seer

Leather Straps

Snakebite Leather


Skeleton Horde
Ushabti Bone


Iron Hands Steel
Nuln Oil
Iron Hands Steel
Necron Compound


Castellax Bronze
Sycorax Bronze


Guilliman Flesh


Ulthuan Grey
Abaddon Black


Nazdreg Yellow


Moot Green
White Scar


Rhinox Hide

After applying the basecoat I used Base Ready Scrublands and then added a few Verdia Veldt Tufts.


No airbrush this time but keeping with a limited colour palette really helped to make these guys quick to paint. I spent most of my time focusing on highlighting where the light hits their armour rather than just edge highlighting for the first time. I think I went a bit overboard with how bright I made it in areas, but I really like the effect and will keep practicing it in the future.

They're maybe a little brighter than I would normally like, but having miniatures I'm not a massive fan of let me try out some new techniques that I wouldn't normally risk, so in the end painting them was a really useful experience!