Showcase: Lost Patrol Complete

Showcase: Lost Patrol Complete

Published 2022-07-03

Moraz III — a deadly jungle world filled with danger and fear, populated by ferocious aliens who wait in the undergrowth to pounce on the unwary and mercilessly kill anyone who stumbles across them. Even the plant life itself is malignant here, constantly twisting and growing in unnatural ways to trap its prey.

A dropship containing vitally important surveillance files has crash landed on this hostile planet. It’s up to you and your squad of Space Marine Scouts to retrieve these files, activate the dropship, and hopefully escape with your lives

I remember playing this game years ago when it came out, and I remember just how frustratingly hard it was back then, so for now I've decided not to frustrate myself and play it, just take some photos of it all together.

Having a game like this fully painted is so great and makes a real difference. I can now add it to the list of completed games, along with Silver Tower and Dreadfleet.

Maybe one day I'll play it again and maybe write a short review, but for now here's a few photos of some Space Marine Scouts about to be slaughtered in the jungle by an infinite swarm of genestealers.