Showcase: Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Ogroid Thaumaturge

Showcase: Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Ogroid Thaumaturge

Published 2021-01-12

Very little is truly known about the Ogroid Thaumaturges – other than their fearsome prowess in combat. In their rage, their skin writhes with arcane energy, eldritch sigils blazing across their muscular frames. Multicoloured flames of Tzeentch erupt about them as they tear enemies apart with their bare hands, giving them the strength to pierce even sigmarite armour with their formidable horns. Most disturbingly, these creatures are no mere brutes but possessed of impressive sorcerous ability, hurling blasts of flaming energy at the foe.

Miniature Review

Ok so in my last post when I said about the Pink Horrors being big, this guy is a true monster! Normally when photographing miniatures you're doing so from just off-centre from the front. With this guy the most interesting details are arguably on his back with all the tattoos. With him looking to the side it allows you to get the face in clearly with the tattoos running up the arm all in shot.

The tattoos are definitely needed, otherwise it would be quite a plain mini. I would have loved for the staff to have been held with a more open pose, as in its current state despite the size he feels very closed up, hiding some detail.

Painting Techniques

For the skin I used a similar approach to the Pink Horrors, starting with a white basecoat and building up using different blues and then finally black for the backs of the arms, legs and the base of the tail. This gave a nice smooth look and adds some contrast tyo the miniature.

I also used the same technique for the flames using Hexwraith Flame, and for the gold armour. To add a bit of contrast to the colours I decided to paint the hair a bright reddish orange. I started with a deep red and drybrushed lighter and lighter shades of red and then into orange. Having the beard and eyes the same colour it helps to draw your eye to his face.

For the tattoos I filled them in bright white as I wanted them to really take center stage. I then tried to fade the skin surrounding them from white to the existing dark blue to give a glowing effect. This was done using several light blues, and a lot of wet blending.

Instructions for the bases can be found here.


Although maybe not my favorite sculpt, I love the size of this guy, and I'm happy with the contrast between the white, red and dark blue. It draws your eye to the different points of interest. The colours help tie him in with the other miniatures in the box as well.