Showcase: Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Pink Horrors

Showcase: Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Pink Horrors

Published 2021-01-07

Gibbering nonsense with lunatic energy the luminescent Pink Horrors whirl and flail their arms, generating raw magic that fills the air. En masse, the Pink Horrors give rise to so much arcane force that they can hurl blasts of unnatural fire at the enemy. In combat the Pink Horrors use their powerful hands to choke and, should they be slain, they split in twain to form two Blue Horrors.

Miniature Review

My thoughts on the Pink Horrors are very similar to what I previously wrote about the Blue Horrors. It's a shame there aren't two different sculpts, but understandable for the price. The details around the face are great and all the creases lend themselves well for applying heavy washes.

These guys are surprisingly large and tower over a lot of the other miniatures in the box. The raised arm and wide stance give them real size and there's a lot more points of interest on them than the Blue Horrors which is great to see.

Painting Techniques

Something I learnt from the Blue Horrors was to avoid drybrushing when working on large flat areas you want to appear smooth. Rather than starting dark and drybrushing lighter colours, I started with a white basecoat and applied multiple layers of thinned down Fulgrim Pink, Emperors Children and Pink Horror.

I used Hexwraith Flame as the accent colour for the gems and flames, and I used a darker blue on the feathers to give them a faded appearance. I went with gold for the armour to tie them in with the base.

Instructions for the bases can be found here.


These are my favorite miniatures so far in the box. They have a huge amount of character, and it was fun to paint using mostly washes.

Looking back at the Blue Horrors I painted the magical fire orange to tie them into the Brimstone Horrors. I should have painted the flames on the Pink Horrors blue to tie them in, but it didn't occur to me. Really I should have used Nighthaunt Gloom. Oh well, I'm happy with the final result and at least the tongue is blue!