Showcase: Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Skaven Deathrunners

Showcase: Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Skaven Deathrunners

Published 2021-01-17

This cunning murderer has been dispatched to the battlefield on a mission of assassination. By poisoned blade and shadow magic does he seek to strike down his mark. The Deathrunner flickers impossibly through the smoke and flame of the battlefield, or conceals his advance with clouds of alchemical fume before springing forth to plunge his blades into his victim's unprotected back.

Miniature Review

I've never painted any Skaven before, so these were a first! The ones I've actually seen in person before have been pretty small, so it was good to see these are large enough to get a lot of detail into them.

I like the pose of the tail and arms to give them some height and width and prevent the detail from being squashed in. The more I painted the more details I found too, with the tattoos, fur and various boils.

Painting Techniques

I followed my recent wash method for skin, watering down lighter browns and flesh colours and moving to darker ones, focusing further into the recesses each time. I also added a couple of reds washes into the mix, with a heavier layer over the tail and around the boils and scars. The helped to differentiate the tail from the skin, while adding a small amount of bruising to the rest of the flesh. I highlighted the boils with Ungor Flesh to give them a sickly feel.

I gave the metals a heavy wash of Agrax Earthshade as well as Nuln Oil to give them a grimy, crude look. The fur was painted using Gorthor Brown with a wash of Reikland Fleshshade and a highlight of Skrag Brown.

Instructions for the bases can be found here.


I was surprised not to find any warpstone on these guys, are they even real Skaven? They were fun to paint, but I'm not sure if I'd want to paint an army of hundreds of them! Night Goblins have been bad enough, although I guess Age of Sigmar doesn't require as large a horde as Fantasy did.