Showcase: Witcher Noonwraith

Showcase: Witcher Noonwraith

Published 2023-11-22

Noonwraiths are born at high noon out of heat, sadness and the sweat of ploughmen. In the hot air above the fields, they gather to dance madly, creating air vortexes, but the specters dislike being watched. Those who peep are forced to dance with them. Noonwraiths stop their dance when the sun goes down, once the abducted mortal is long dead from fear and exhaustion.

Miniature Review

I remember the Noonwraiths from Witcher 1 fairly well looking like human spirits or corpses, while in Witcher 3 I'm sure they made them look much more monster like. I think the sculpt matches the artwork well, being somewhere in-between the two.

The biggest part of the miniature is the wedding dress, with lots of layers and folds giving adding some movement to the piece. The body isn't too over the top, but the huge tongue sticking out really gives it that dangerous monster feel.

Painting Techniques


Guilliman Flesh
Flayed One Flesh
Wrack White


Skeleton Horde
Screaming Skull


Nazdreg Yellow


Militarum Green


Volupus Pink



Ratling Grime


Abaddon Black

For all miniatures in the set I'm using a mix of GamersGrass tufts and flowers.


I wasn't fully sure what colors to use for the dress. I wanted a pale pink or peach but don't really have any colors like that, so ended up going with what I thought was closest, being a watered down skin tone. I then did a lot of drybrushing to make it a lot more pale and closer to white. I'm not sure how great the shadows look on close inspection, but from a distance I'm happy with how it came out.

I wasn't sure if I should go for a different skin tone to make the body stand out more from the dress, but in the end I just went with a light bone color and I think it's worked well, resulting in a pale golden look, just how I remember them from the games.