Showcase: Witcher Foglet

Showcase: Witcher Foglet

Published 2023-12-22

If night ever catches you in the swamps, stay put and wait for dawn, even if it means standing waist-deep in water with leeches crawling down your trousers. Most important of all, if you see a light in the fog, never, and I mean never, go towards it.

Miniature Review

The Foglet is one of the smallest miniatures in the box. It's a fairly simple sculpt, but has a good amount of detail on the face and a number of bones and mushrooms on the base. The cutout in the stomach looks a bit odd, but does make it easy to add the famous glow.

Painting Techniques


Aethermatic Blue
Drakenhof Nightshade
Coelia Greenshade
Sotek Green
White Scar

Sotek Green and White Scar was mixed to get the final highlight.

Fire & Eyes

Bad Moon Yellow
Imperial Fist
Dorn Yellow


Aggaros Dunes


Volupus Pink



Ratling Grime


Basilicanum Grey


Aggaros Dunes


Briar Queen Chill
Drakenhof Nightshade


Abaddon Black

For all miniatures in the set I'm using a mix of GamersGrass tufts and flowers.


To start with I really wasn't sure what colors to use. I wanted a dark bluish green, but didn't want it too dark to hide the details or too light to look like a fish monster. I think I got it about right, I could maybe have made the skin a bit more green, but I didn't want it looking like a goblin or orc. The glowing belly has come out ok for only using a few colors.