Showcase: Hobgrot Slittaz

Showcase: Hobgrot Slittaz

Published 2023-08-13

Hobgrots are devious and malicious allies for the Kruleboyz. In Orruk society they act as barterers, trading between the greenskins and Hashut-worshipping duardin, letting both sides believe they are getting one up over the other.

Miniature Review

I was looking for more grots to expand my army on eBay and came across a super cheap bundle of Kruleboyz partially painted and I had to pick them up. At some point I wanted to collect a big destruction army of Orruks, Kruleboyz and Gloomspite Gitz so this has just pushed things ahead a bit sooner than I'd planned.

I'm starting off by sticking to grots with the Hobgrot Slittaz. They're not my favorite unit of the range but they make up the bulk of the numbers as the weakest infantry so getting them out the way means lots of big monsters soon to follow!

They remind me a bit of the Goblin Warriors Games Workshop put out for the Lord of the Rings line, but with more armour and a different color-scheme. The bombs are a different approach that make them different to other Orruks and they have a good range of details and stances between them all.

Painting Techniques


Zandri Dust
Skeleton Horde
Lahmian Medium
Aggaros Dunes
Hobgrot Hide
Ushabti Bone
Volupus Pink
Aethermatic Blue

A full Skeleton Horde shade was applied using Lahmian Medium 1:2, followed by a second recess shade of Aggaros Dunes. It was then highlighted gradually from Hobgrot Hide to Ushabti Bone using mixes of the two paints to transition. A thin glaze of Volupus Pink was applied to areas like the face, elbows, knees, veins etc, and Aethermatic Blue was added around the eyes.


Zandri Dust
Cygor Brown
Lahmian Medium
Baneblade Brown

Cygor Brown was thinned using Lahmian Medium 1:1 as a shade.


Naggaroth Night
Xereus Purple
Genestealer Purple

Red Ropes

Blood Angels Red
Squig Orange
Ungor Flesh

The first highlight was Squig Orange : Ungor Flesh 1:1, followed by a second highlight of Squig Orange : Ungor Flesh 1:2.

Regular Ropes

Zandri Dust
Aggaros Dunes
Balor Brown
Karak Stone

Teeth & Claws

Black Legion
Fenrisian Grey


Blood Angels Red


Screaming Bell
Stormhost Silver
Stormhost Silver

A first highlight of Screaming Bell and Stormhost Silver 1:1 was applied, followed by a recess shade of Wyldwood. A final highlight of Stormhost Silver was then applied.


Iron Hands Steel
Black Templar
Gryph Charger Grey
Stormhost Silver

A shade of Black Templar and Gryph Charger Grey 1:3 was applied, followed by an edge highlight of Iron Hands Steel and a final highlight of Stormhost Silver.


The bases covered in a Stirland Mud, then a number of tufts were applied, finished off with a healthy amount of water effects.

Gamers Grass

AK Interactive

Finally I painted the outside of the base:

Rhinox Hide


I was able to get these painted fairly quickly which was great for so many miniatures. I'm hoping to paint the next unit of Kruleboyz in a similar way and really power through the army before getting back to my Gloomspite Gitz.