Showcase: Dreadfleet Shipwrecks

Showcase: Dreadfleet Shipwrecks

Published 2021-05-28

Miniature Review

The natural follow on from painting the islands seemed to be the islands. The rocks look the same as expected, as do most of the shipwrecks.

The only different piece is the dwarven shipwreck. It's a pretty small piece with a few runes, and some barnacles to add some extra detail. The waves lapping over it are also a bit different to the other islands, which look good, but I'm not sure if it makes it look too different to the rest of the terrain.

Painting Techniques


Kantor Blue
Caledor Sky
Teclis Blue
Ahriman Blue
Biel Tan Green
Drakenhof Nightshade
Ahriman Blue
Lothern Blue
Blue Horror
Etherium Blue
Corax White

As the colours become brighter, they should be focused closer and closer around the waves.


Abaddon Black
Eshin Grey
Skavenblight Dinge
Nuln Oil
Administratum Grey
Warpstone Glow
Biel Tan Green


Corax White
Hexwraith Flame
Corax White

Bronze Shipwreck

Retributor Armour
Agrax Earthshade
Castellax Bronze
Sycorax Bronze
Nihilakh Oxide


Corax White
Nighthaunt Gloom
Corax White


This was a pretty quick one as it's largely more of the same, but it was too much to paint all the islands and shipwrecks together. I really like the ghostly technical paints as it makes painting the shipwrecks much quicker than it would using a more traditional blending method.

I only added a small amount of weathering to the dwarven shipwreck for now, as I want it to be easy to spot when playing games. I might add a bit more and darken it down a bit once I've got everything done to make it look like it sunk a long time ago and maybe make it look a bit more sinister.