Showcase: Dreadfleet Components

Showcase: Dreadfleet Components

Published 2021-06-03

Miniature Review

To continue on with avoiding the boats I painted all the playing pieces. The Wind Gauge token has a lot of great detail on it, and is completely different on both sides. The Ship's Wheels are only one sided but again look really nice, with the text and skeleton captain adding a lot of character. The Navigation Rod is also really 3D and completely different to any other ruler you'd get with anything else.

These are easily the best components I've seen for playing a board game, both for the detail and for having a lot of colour, even if you have to add it yourself. They really need a good varnish cover though otherwise they'll likely have paint rubbed off in areas over time.

Painting Techniques


Kantor Blue
Caledor Sky
Teclis Blue
Ahriman Blue
Biel Tan Green
Drakenhof Nightshade
Ahriman Blue
Lothern Blue
Etherium Blue
Corax White

As the colours become brighter, they should be focused closer and closer around the waves.


Retributor Armour
Agrax Earthshade
Castellax Bronze
Sycorax Bronze


Nuln Oil
Runefang Steel
Necron Compound


Corax White
Abaddon Black
Nuln Oil
Eshin Grey
Corax White

Once painting alternate checks black and white, apply a very thin shade of Nuln Oil, then highlight back up, so the shade is only seen around the recesses.


Morghast Bone
Rakarth Flesh
Seraphim Sepia
Ushabti Bone
Screaming Skull


Warpstone Glow
Moot Green
Gauss Blaster Green
Corax White


Khorne Red
Mephiston Red
Evil Sunz Scarlet
Wild Rider Red
Corax White


Corax White
Nuln Oil
Corax White


The pieces looked great before painting them and now they look fantastic. Even the little trophies I had forgotten about until the end look good and something you want to look at and prize once you've collected it. In most games the miniatures are the main focus with everything else hidden to the side, but with this game it feels like everything is worthy of being included in the final photos!