Update: Blacksmith 09 - Finishing Touches

Update: Blacksmith 09 - Finishing Touches

Published 2023-11-14

The first part was to add the stab to the top of the chimney. For this I took the slab I made earlier and cut some new pieces of cork to use as legs to hold the slab up at an angle. I painted these black and glued them to one side of the chimney using superglue, then glued my larger slab painted earlier on top.

Next I used the hot glue gun to attach the tea light into the hole under the fireplace. I then took some cotton wood and pulled it into shape, then gave it a very light drybrush of yellow, red and black. This helps to make it look like fire, but be careful not to overdo it otherwise it will obscure the light too much. Finally for the fire I took a number of the rocks and painted them black, then added a light white drybrush and glued them in front to look like coals.

Next I used the Milliput to create the anvil. First I created a base aiming for a slightly rounded rectangle. I then created another slightly smaller rectangle and squeezed the end into a triangle to create the top of the anvil. For the last piece I created a much taller rectangle to hold the two pieces together. I wetted them a bit then gently pushed them together and used the sculpting tools to smooth the joins.

For the anvil to sit on I created a cylinder and squashed it slightly in the middle to resemble a tree trunk. I indented the top to separate the inside from the bark, then carved the rings on the top and lines for the bark down the sides. While still wet I attached the anvil to the top of the trunk.

Once it was set I gave the whole thing a black base coat. For the anvil I gave it a first coat of silver. For the trunk I mixed a very pale brown for the inside, and a darker brown for the bark. I then gave the whole thing a black wash, then once dried highlighted the whole thing with what was left of the pale brown.

For the table I cut the balsa wood into planks then cut them at angles to create the side pieces in a shape similar to a capital A but with a plank along the top. With the sides made I cut a number of longer planks to make the table top, then glued the sides underneath the top and added a final plank connecting the sides in the middle to give it some strength. These were then painted the same as the other wood.

I created some shelves, a ladder and a bed frame in using the same techniques. I made some books, a chest and a flower pot out of left over pieces of balsa wood and added a few other Warhammer bits to fill out the shelves. For the bed I made pillows out of milliput as well as a sheet by rolling the milliput really flat. I painted the pillows a very light beige and sheets blue.

The final step was to paint the bottom of the canvas black to neaten it off. I also glued a pile of sticks into the side storage of the house just so it didn't look so empty.