Update: Blacksmith 06 - Roof

Update: Blacksmith 06 - Roof

Published 2023-09-20

Along with the MDF template for the core structure of the building, there were also many sheets of tile strips included. To tile the roof I started at the bottom and cut a strip to the length I needed and hot glued it so it overlapped partially over the edge. Then when glueing the next one I used wood glue and glued it so it partially overlapped the previous one. I then repeated this step until I hit the top of the roof.

For areas around the windows and other bits sticking out I glued the strips either side, then cut out individual tiles to glue below the window so they remained in line.

With the shingles applied I then cut out more balsa wood to create caps over the ends of the tiles on the top of each roof, so the tiles all look disconnected rather than looking like a strip. I then went in and stained these to match the other balsa wood.

Lastly I took the straw, cut it in half and cut some notches into it, bent them shut and glued them closed to give it a unique shape for a chimney. Once set I mixed some blue, green and a bit of white paint and painted the straw to give the background verdigris effect. Once dry I then applied bronze roughly over the top leaving a bit of the base showing through.