Update: Chaos Cultists

Update: Chaos Cultists

Published 2013-02-24

Here's yet another work in progress update. This time it's the progress I've made on my old Dark Vengeance box set, starting with the easiest to paint, the Chaos Cultists. My partner collects a Nurgle army, so I was tempted to paint the boxset to match them by going for a Death Guard army. However, I'm not confident enough that I could paint a dirty white army well enough for them not to just look like a mess. I feel like Crimson Slaughter colour scheme really makes the most of the models, so I might just end up following that.

As I was unsure what to go with I decided to go for a few different colours, just to make it seem like they were dressed with whatever rags were spare, not put into uniform. I'm tempted to repaint the armour and go for a uniform black/red combination, rather than the random clothing. Or I might leave these as they are and go for the uniformed look for the second squad and see how it looks then.

I enjoyed painting the skin and the tattoos, as you don't really get much of a chance to when painting Grey Knights. It was also a good chance to practice using Blood for the Blood God on the weapons to give them a gorey effect, something I plan to use on my Space Wolves.

Give me your opinions in the comments below, it might help me make my choice for what to go for. As always, here are some photos of how they're looking.