Showcase: Grey Knight Chaplain

Showcase: Grey Knight Chaplain

Published 2012-08-29

Once again after completing a squad I thought I'd treat myself to a character. Here is my Grey Knight Chaplain. Chaplains do exist in the Grey Knight lore, but strangely do not appear at all in the last few Codices. Because of this I am forced to proxy him as a Librarian in all my games. I didn't make any real change from the original model, but painted key armour panels using the same spot colours as the rest of the army to help him blend in.

Notable Grey Knights Chaplains

Chaplain Durendin

A venerable Grey Knights Chaplain that always wore an enormous suit of Terminator Armour when seeing to the Chapter's spiritual health. One arm was painted a glossy black to signify his office as Chaplain, and the rest was the traditional gunmetal grey of the Grey Knights. Durendin wore the same pair of ornate Lightning Claws that had been passed down from Chaplain to Chaplain since the Chapter's earliest days.

High Chaplain Greacris

A vaunted Chaplain of the Chapter. Greacris composed many sermons and composed the Index Beati eight centuries ago in the early 41st Millennium that contained parables of the exploits of some of the Chapter's greatest heroes, including Grand Master Ganelon.

I was unsure about painting him silver, as I really like the classic black armour. Because of this I decided to keep the traditional look, but tied it in with some red and white armour panels. Once again being a character the base was made an extra level high with a couple of bubbles to give it extra interest.