Showcase: Witcher Werewolf

Showcase: Witcher Werewolf

Published 2023-08-20

Werewolves are therianthropes who transform into wolves or half-wolves. As other such creatures, they are hardly hurt by steel but very vulnerable to silver.

I was going to carry on with my Kruleboyz, but I finally had The Witcher: Old World arrive after 2 years and it's thrown that plan out the window for now.

I had the ALL-IN pledge which includes:

  • Deluxe Box
  • Mages Expansion
  • Legendary Hunt Expansion
  • Skellige Expansion
  • Metal Coins
  • Additional dice set
  • Playmat
  • All unlocked Stretch Goals

Plus I ordered the mounted Eredin, putting the box at around 70 miniatures. Plenty to kep me busy for a while.

Witcher Old World Big Box

Miniature Review

To get things moving I decided to start with the Werewolf. The miniatures themselves aren't up to Games Workshop level, but they have a much higher quality compared a lot of what I've ordered from other companies. The Werewolf is fairly simple in terms of details, being a beast, but has some straps and ropes along with a few other details to add a bit of color.

It's a good size compared to the other miniatures and has a great pose kneeling slightly on the rock. The detail in the face is also really nice and overall it matches the artwork really well.

Painting Techniques


Basilicanum Grey
Drakenhof Nightshade
Russ Grey
Fenrisian Grey
Blue Horror


Ratling Grime
Karak Stone

Leather Straps

Gore Grunta Fur

Leather Cloth

Garaghaks Sewer


Apothecary White
Nuln Oil

Claws & Nose

Black Legion
Fenrisian Grey
Blue Horror


Volupus Pink




Yriel Yellow
Phalanx Yellow


Iron Warriors
Grey Knights Steel


Blood For The Blood God



Basilicanum Grey


Garaghaks Sewer
Karak Stone


Abaddon Black

For all miniatures in the set I'm using a mix of GamersGrass tufts and flowers.


I've decided to jump on the slapchop bandwagon for painting these. Last weekend I used my airbrush to paint them all black, then gave them a grey zenithal highlight. Finally I gave them all a heavy drybrush of White Scar.

This allowed me to minimize the amount of highlighting required, a lot of the time just sticking the single contrast paint. The only real highlighting I focused on was the skin as it makes up a large portion of the miniature and without it the overall look was too dark to see most of the detail.

I'm hoping with this technique I'll be able to complete several a week and not spend the rest of the year painting through them. We'll see I guess!