Showcase: Witcher Harpy

Showcase: Witcher Harpy

Published 2023-10-27

It is hard to say what is most repulsive about harpies and their cousins, the shishigas: their hideous appearance, the overwhelming stench of rot and bird excrement that clings to them or their bloodcurdling screech. Suffice it to say that even rats, who dwell happily among the rankest fecal matter and rotten waste, give their nests wide berth.

Miniature Review

The Harpy has been given a nice wide pose with its wings fully spread. It's also been given a good amount of height with its leg fully extended from a rock, so it doesn't look out of place around some of the bigger monsters. I would have like a bit more detail around the face, not that they have a lot in the artwork or game, but as a focal point I don't feel like there's a lot to work with.

Painting Techniques


Dreadful Visage
Shyish Purple
Dechala Lilac
Ulthuan Grey


Aggaros Dunes
Gore Grunta Fur
Ratling Grime


Black Legion
Slaanesh Grey


Phalanx Yellow
Black Legion



Basilicanum Grey


Gore Grunta Fur
Zamesi Desert
Luxion Purple


Asurmen Blue
Aeldari Emerald


Abaddon Black

For all miniatures in the set I'm using a mix of GamersGrass tufts and flowers.


I went with a similar scheme to the Bruxa to keep it fairly simple. I did plan to add some turquoise and other shades of green, blue and purple in to resemble the sea, but I didn't want to go too far and make it bright and multi-colored so left it as is for now. I made it paler than the Bruxa to differentiate it, and with a sea base I think it works well enough.