Showcase: Space Wolves Imperial Knight

Showcase: Space Wolves Imperial Knight

Published 2015-08-19

So to start of my Space Wolves army I thought I'd start big, and you don't get a lot bigger than an Imperial Knight!

It is possibly the most impressive miniature I have ever painted and likely will remain that way for a good while to come. I much prefer the pose over the out of the box pose of the Dreadknight, and it looks that bit more solid without the baby carrier on the front.

To paint it the armour plates were left un-assembled and painted individually. They were then glued onto the silver and bronze skeleton of the Imperial Knight, which was painted with a much darker palette. The body and legs have not been stuck together, but instead magnetised. This should hopefully make transportation easier as the legs are also magnetised to the base, and allows the body to rotate along with the arms, creating some really cool and dynamic poses.

I went for the classic House Terryn look, but to match my Space Wolves I used a base layer of The Fang, followed by Russ Grey washed all over with Agrax Earthshade (instead of a simple Kantor Blue base layer), followed by a Russ Grey thick outline (instead of a Altdorf Guard Blue outline) then finally sticking with the guide a thin Fenrisian Grey outline. This makes the Imperial Knight a lot paler and more weathered, exactly how I want my Space Wolves to look.

The base ruins are casts of Fantascape's Glacial Ruins bases cut to size. These are really great bases, and I have a large amount stockpiled for my Space Wolves army. These were glued on top of a cork base, then painted and weathered using Forge World's Weathering Powders. Several tufts of Games Workshop's Mordheim Turf were scattered around, and a couple of layers of Deluxe Scenic Snow was applied. Finally, for the ice at the back I applied several layers of Woodland Scenics Water Effects over a painted blue-green base layer.

Overall I'm pretty happy with how the miniature came out. I should have spent longer on the check-board pattern on the shoulder and taped it out rather than freehanding it, but other than that there's not much else I would do differently.

Let me know what you think, as always I really appreciate your comments as it helps me improve my work. Hopefully the new clean white background is an improvement and no longer distracts from the miniature itself.