Showcase: Realm of Battle Boards

Showcase: Realm of Battle Boards

Published 2015-08-19

Remember these? Spot any differences? They are my Realm of Battle Boards with a bit more work done as I wasn't happy after completing them around 6 months to a year ago.

So the problem I had after finishing off the boards was sealing the snow. I applied a special glue that very firmly attached the snow to the boards, so it wouldn't rub off during games. This worked very well, creating an extremely strong bond, but sadly really dulled down the snow making it appear a lot more icy. Although this effect looked good on the outer edges of the snow patches, as if it was melting away, it lessened the effect of the snow.

So today I decided to add another layer of snow over what I had done before and patched up a few areas that had gone a bit shiny from the previous glue bonding mix. After applying this new layer rather than adding a new bond mix to it, I instead just brushed it very roughly with a coarse brush to remove as much of what had not properly bonded as I could. This should hopefully mean very little should brush away in the future and if any does it should still look pretty good underneath so shouldn't really be noticeable.

Well hopefully they look a bit better, the photos weren't in the best light and were a bit rushed, but hopefully you get a good idea of how they look now! Let me know what you think in the comments below!