Showcase: Suffocating Gravetide

Showcase: Suffocating Gravetide

Age of Sigmar
endless spells
malign sorcery
Published 2022-03-05

The spirits of the dead rise from the ground and surge forwards in a Suffocating Gravetide to smother the living, burying their victims and dragging their souls down to the Realm of Death.

Miniature Review

Although not very tall, the base for the Suffocating Gravetide is pretty huge. At first, it looks like a barrier like the Prismatic Palisade. Then you realise it's actually a tidal-wave of mud with ghostly skulls leading the way.

The ground and dirt has been done really well, with different wreckage and rocks all mixed in. The skulls blend into it nicely, but I really wish they faced up a bit. Although they're at a great angle for onlooking miniatures, when on the table you can't see much of them.

Painting Techniques


Corax White
Hexwraith Flame
Nighthaunt Gloom
Corax White


Retributor Armour
Agrax Earthshade
Retributor Armour
Liberator Gold
Stormhost Silver


Agrax Earthshade


Eshin Grey
Agrax Earthshade


Mournfang Brown
Stirland Mud
Agrax Earthshade

With the base fully brown and will a bit of texture I then added Patchy Plains to the base. It's a good mix of different sands and flock that gives the base a great look with minimal effort.

Once dried I then added both Army Painter Lowland Shrubs and Army Painter Swamp Tufts to break up the flat areas left by the Patchy Plains.


I really wasn't fully sure how I was going to paint the skulls right until the end, and until I got the right levels of wash and highlight I really wasn't happy with it. It's not easy blending white, green, blue and brown all together nicely, but the resulting effect looks like just like ghosts bursting from the ground, so I'm more than happy.

With that the boxset it completed!


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