Showcase: Malign Sorcery Complete

Showcase: Malign Sorcery Complete

Published 2022-03-13

At the outset of the Soul Wars, Nagash’s cataclysmic Necroquake flooded the Mortal Realms with the powers of the aether. Incantations summoned forth new conjurations of unprecedented power and frightful sentience, though these endless spells were often treacherous, as likely to turn upon their caster as they were to devastate the enemy.

Before putting everything away I thought I'd just take a few photos of everything together as a complete set. It's been great to take a miniature and paint it up from scratch within a few hours each week, limiting myself to a handful of colors.

I think it's always worth taking a break from your main armies every now and then, paint something a bit different and experiment. I'm always a bit unsure of trying something too different once I've started on a big project, and always want everything to be perfect.

Next up, let's see if there's something else in my backlog I can blow through fairly quickly!