Showcase: Grey Knight Terminator Squad 2

Showcase: Grey Knight Terminator Squad 2

Published 2023-06-11

A Grey Knight Terminator is a superlative warrior whose status as an elite amongst the elite forms the heart of the Grey Knights Space Marine Chapter's forces. These warriors pursue the endless war against the daemons of Chaos. Armoured in superior suits of Tactical Dreadnought Armour, they face the vile horrors of the Warp, always outnumbered by the baying foe.

Miniature Review

When I painted my last unit of Grey Knight Terminators it was back in 2012, and that was upgrading the paint job I'd done 10 years previously. So in 20 years I've managed 2 units of Terminators! The original 1980s Rogue Trader Grey Knight Terminators are what really got me into Warhammer, so these are some of my favorite miniatures.

I really need to finish off the army, there's only a handful left after this unit. Saying that, I'm sure there's going to be new miniatures coming out soon with 10th edition and the new Terminators being released, as far as I'm aware there still aren't any Primaris Grey Knights other than the new Castellan Crowe.

I love the helmet design, the enscriptions across the pauldrons and the rest of the armour, and of course the Nemesis Force Weapons. There's so many intricate details that each could easily be a named character for another legion. They're futuristic super bulky knights, the elite of the elite, and make all other Space Marines seem inferior in comparison.

Painting Techniques


Nuln Oil
Iron Hands Steel
Tyran Blue
Grey Knights Steel
Runefang Steel
Stormhost Silver


Warplock Bronze
Retributor Armour
Agrax Earthshade
Retributor Armour
Castellax Bronze
Sycorax Bronze

Black Metal & Armour Casing

Abaddon Black
Thunderhawk Blue
Russ Grey
Fenrisian Grey

Seals, Books, Weapon Casing & Decorations

Khorne Red
Agrax Earthshade
Mephiston Red
Wazdakka Red
Evil Sunz Scarlet

Cloth & Bone

Rakarth Flesh
Agrax Earthshade
Rakarth Flesh
Morghast Bone
Ushabti Bone
Screaming Skull

White Cloth & Decorations

Pallid Wych Flesh
Agrax Earthshade
Pallid Wych Flesh
White Scar

Force Weapons, Eyes & Gems

Kantor Blue
Agrax Earthshade
Kantor Blue
Caledor Sky
Teclis Blue
Lothern Blue
White Scar


Check out my previous Lava Bases tutorial for details on the bases.


Overall I'm hapy with how they look, although I'm not 100% happy with the armour highlights. I find silver really difficult to look right, and I'm not a fan of most of Games Workship silver paints. I find most seperate and apply too thinly or don't apply evenly. I like Leadbelcher and Grey Knights Steel but might need to look elsewhere for some lighter colors.

It was interesting to see how the force blades turned out compared to 10 years ago. I think I've got the transitions looking a bit smoother now, although it reminded me why I stopped painting them, it takes forever! I'll have to have a go with the airbrush at some point in the future, once I've had a bit more practice with it.