Showcase: Grey Knight Razorback

Showcase: Grey Knight Razorback

Published 2014-04-19

This Razorback is my first completed tank for my Grey Knight army and was a completely different project to the Stormraven painted previously.

With the Razorback I wanted to go heavier on weathering, as I did with the Dreadnought, because I wanted to give the impression of it speeding to get into position and likely having to go through all types of difficult terrain.

I used a mixture of Forgeworld weathering powders and Games Workshop’s Nihilakh Oxide on the bronze, Typhus Corrosion around the doors and Agrellan Earth underneath. I also tried a new drybrushing technique for the lights.

On the kit itself I added several of Forgeworld’s Etched Brass to break up the flat areas, and a load of purity seals on the left side for a different look. I also added a Dreadknight shield to the back left, just to add a bit of colour. The turret itself is from Bitspudlo, who stock great alternative turrets. I have just purchased and assembled three more so may look into reviewing them in the future.

I always run my Razorback with twin-linked Lascannons as it's a weapon that Grey Knights otherwise lack. Grey Knight weapons seem to cap at S7 AP4, making high armour vehicles often difficult to impossible to take own at range. Having the Razorback means cheap Lascannons, while also acting as transport for a unit and generally acting as a distraction that people tend to focus on, leaving other more vital parts of the army untouched.

As always I've added some more photos below. I’m currently working on a load of different projects, so expect some more posts very soon!