Showcase: Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Tenebrael Shard

Showcase: Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Tenebrael Shard

Published 2021-03-03

A Tenebrael Shard is a killer of superlative skill. Fast beyond belief, supernaturally agile and ominously silent, the Shard closes upon his prey as fast as thought and ends their lives with callous efficiency. None know whether he is an assassin, a spy, or simply a terrifying force of nature, but to stand in his path means certain death.

Miniature Review

After my last post saying how unique the Mistweaver was, the Tenebrael Shard actually has a fairly similar pose. It's really great to see dynamic poses charging and leaping forwards. The hair cleverly adds a lot of mass to the model, giving the appearance of a lot of weight behind the leap. Without it I think the character would look very light and delicate.

The pose also adds a lot of height to the miniature. It's great that none of the characters look small, they're all large and imposing when lined up together. Gone are the days when the Barbarian stand out as the cool miniature and the other heroes felt like afterthoughts.

Painting Techniques


Nuln Oil
Runefang Steel
Necron Compound
Blood For The Blood God


Retributor Armour
Agrax Earthshade
Retributor Armour
Liberator Gold

Black Hair & Leather

Corvus Black
Mechanicus Standard Grey
Grey Seer


Eshin Grey
Dark Reaper
The Fang
Russ Grey


Kislev Flesh
Reikland Fleshshade
Carroburg Crimson
Kislev Flesh
Rakarth Flesh
Pallid Wych Flesh

Apply Carroburg Crimson in the recesses around the eyes and nose.


Warpstone Glow
Moot Green
Gauss Blaster Green
Corax White

Flayed Flesh

Ungor Flesh
Kislev Flesh
Reikland Fleshshade
Flayed One Flesh

Instructions for the bases can be found here.


I hadn't added blood effects to any of the previous miniatures, but for this one it felt needed. It adds a lot of sinisterism to the character along with the pale skin and flayed skin. Without it I think the claws would be mistaken for pointy fingers, and the red on the armour would seem like plain old paint.

Finally, that's the last one. The next post will be a roundup of the Silver Tower boxset, before I move onto the next project!