Showcase: Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Brimstone Horrors

Showcase: Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Brimstone Horrors

Published 2016-11-06

When a Blue Horror is wounded it vanishes in a cloud of smoke, and is replaced with a pair of Brimstone Horrors. Savage little sprites formed from living fire, these diminutive Daemons leap and crackle as they worry at their enemies' shins and set fire to their battle-garb. A unit of Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch hurl Magical Flames at their enemies or grab at them with their Taloned Hands.

Today I started at the end of the line of horrors. A Pink Horror once killed turns into two Blue Horrors. In turn when a Blue Horror is killed it transforms into a pair of Brimstone Horrors.

Miniature Review

As far as I’m aware these are the first miniatures made for Brimstone Horrors. For me at least it is the first time I had ever heard of them. I always enjoy painting fire, so these are great in that respect. It’s clever how the sculpture was able to shape the fire in a way to give the monsters arms and legs without drawing too far away from the natural appearance of the fire.

Surprisingly the miniatures aren’t as delicate as they first look which is relieving. I was disappointed though that there are only two separate casts rather than each being unique, but that is how things worked out with the sprues.

Painting Techniques

I tried a new fire technique for these miniatures as both an experiment and to try to cut down on my painting time. After a Corax Grey spray I used several layers of Ceramite White to get them as pure white as possible. I then used several thin layers of Casandora Yellow, the first to coat the entire model yellow, the rest to give the recesses and more orange hue.

To brighten parts of the flame even further and to create more of a contrast I watered down some Ceramite White and slowly applied it to the tips of the flames, and most raised areas of the model. This really helped give it a glowing hot effect.

The mouth was then given a Carroburg Crimson wash to really bring out the teeth. The eyes and feet were finally washed using Biel-Tan Green. This helped to give them an unnatural magical feel.


The bases were achieved in the same way as the rest of the boxset. Instructions can be found here under Basing.


These guys were really quick to paint, and I think the effect worked really well. I was a bit concerned never using a yellow paint to paint the fire (Casandora Yellow actually appears as a red-orange in the pot), but I’m really happy how they came out. I think it produces a lot of a natural effect than painting on solid yellow. It also saves trying to blend yellow with deeper oranges to.

Next up I’m thinking of switching over to painting a character, but I may keep allow the orange theme…