Showcase: Blackstone Fortress: Negavolt Cultists

Showcase: Blackstone Fortress: Negavolt Cultists

Published 2022-12-18

Negavolt Cultists are Heretek Cults that are often found on worlds controlled by the Adeptus Mechanicus. They express their devotion to the Ruinous Powers by despoiling machinery, corrupting the function of technologies through daemonic inovacations and rituals.

Negavolt Cultists wire themselves with empathic-resonance coils that act as batteries that charge their own pain and hatred. At full capacity, these spinally fused cells fire arcs of warp-infused energy at their enemies. An anarchic electric field also builds around the dendrites that the cultist implant in their skulls, creating a halo of lighting.

Miniature Review

I've never picked up any Mechanicus units before so the Negavolt Cultists look completely unique to me. On first look you see the human silhouette, but the more you look the less human they look. The most obvious features being the huge plasma coils on their backs and the almost snake-like cables shooting out of their skulls.

The poses are a little flat, but other than that they look great and the cattle prod like weapons are pretty cool being dual handed. Maybe not the most dangerous at a distance but you wouldn't want to get up close to these guys!

Painting Techniques

Black Wires & Weapon Casing

Black Legion
Agrax Earthshade
Dark Reaper
Thunderhawk Blue
Fenrisian Grey


Baal Red
Agrax Earthshade
Mephiston Red
Evil Sunz Scarlet

Yellow Wires

Ironjawz Yellow
Agrax Earthshade
Yriel Yellow
Flash Gitz Yellow


Iron Warriors
Agrax Earthshade
Grey Knights Steel

Small patches of rust were finally applied using Dirty Down Rust.


Hashut Copper
Agrax Earthshade
Sycorax Bronze


Gutrippa Flesh
Agrax Earthshade
Krieg Khaki
Ionrach Skin
Deepkin Flesh


Warpstone Glow
Moot Green
White Scar


I mixed sand with glue and applied it to the base. I then drybrushed it with Eshin Grey, then Mechanicus Standard Grey. I then painted the outer base with Rhinox Hide.


These guys were really different to paint compared to the rest of the units. Although a number of the colours match the others, the skin and the yellow wires really make them stand out. It was fun to paint really sickly skin, as well as completely unique weapons.

After painting these I really want to pick up some mechanicus miniatures in the future!