Showcase: Blackstone Fortress: Chaos Space Marines

Showcase: Blackstone Fortress: Chaos Space Marines

Published 2022-12-24

The Servants of the Abyss are a Chaos Space Marine Warband that command a large number of Traitor Guard. Some time after the Great Rift's creation, the Servants of the Abyss's Dread Cruiser Impaler, was struck by a empyric cataclysm, that fused it to a new Blackstone Fortress that has appeared in the Galaxy.

Miniature Review

There are only two Space Marines in the box. The sculpts I believe are unique to the box, and look a lot nicer than the marines in the Assassinorum boxset. They fit in nicely with the Guardsmen and the Rogue Psykers. I wouldn't say they're anything special, but have enough detail on them, so they stand out from the rest of the army.

Painting Techniques

Black Leather

Black Legion
Agrax Earthshade
Dark Reaper
Thunderhawk Blue
Fenrisian Grey


Baal Red
Agrax Earthshade
Mephiston Red
Evil Sunz Scarlet


Skeleton Horde
Agrax Earthshade
Morghast Bone
Ushabti Bone

Brown Leather

Garaghaks Sewer
Agrax Earthshade
Doombull Brown


Iron Warriors
Agrax Earthshade
Grey Knights Steel

Small patches of rust were finally applied using Dirty Down Rust.


Hashut Copper
Agrax Earthshade
Sycorax Bronze


Guilliman Flesh
Agrax Earthshade
Bloodreaver Flesh
Knight Questor Flesh
Cadian Fleshtone
Kislev Flesh


Warpstone Glow
Moot Green
White Scar


I mixed sand with glue and applied it to the base. I then drybrushed it with Eshin Grey, then Mechanicus Standard Grey. I then painted the outer base with Rhinox Hide.


These were fairly simple to paint in the end. Lots of red and bronze, with a bit of black and silver and the odd detail.

Something I need to watch out for in the future is highlighting larger red panels. After applying the wash the red was a really deep crimson. The more I highlighted the less saturation there was, becoming more and more faded. Applying a red glaze might be what's needed to bring that depth of colour back, or maybe I just need to find some different red paints.