Showcase: Blackstone Fortress: Dahyak Greekh

Showcase: Blackstone Fortress: Dahyak Greekh

Published 2023-01-15

Born on the world of Akchan-Kur to the Kroot Kharakh-Kar Clan, Grekh is a veteran of many wars across the galaxy. He was sent by his Clan's elders to seek out relics aboard the Seventh Blackstone Fortress, meeting Janus Draik and coming into his service aboard the Precipice.

Miniature Review

Dahyak Greekh is a Kroot Tracker, and my first T'au! I really like the ranger theme, and just how different he is to Amallyn Shadowguide, the Asuryani Ranger despite having a similar role. It's also nice to see him covered almost fully in leather, rather than the usual armour plates. It helps to make him stand out in the crowd.

His pose holding the rifle looks really natural and open, which I like. My only concern is there feels like a lot of detail happening behind the gun strap and cloak, making it harder to paint as well as less noticeable.

Painting Techniques

Light Leather

Snakebite Leather
Agrax Earthshade

Dark Leather

Gore Grunta Fur
Agrax Earthshade

Black Leather

Black Templar
Agrax Earthshade


Retributor Armour
Agrax Earthshade
Nuln Oil


Agrax Earthshade
Nuln Oil
Runefang Steel


Gutrippa Flesh
Athonian Camoshade


Gryph Charger Grey
Ulthuan Grey


Rakarth Flesh

Lenses & Other Blues

Teclis Blue
Lothern Blue
White Scar

Eye & Other Reds

Wild Rider Red
Troll Slayer Orange
Flash Gitz Yellow


I mixed sand with glue and applied it to the base. I then drybrushed it with Eshin Grey, then Mechanicus Standard Grey. I then painted the outer base with Rhinox Hide.


Dahyak was fairly easy to paint, I could have spent some extra time highlighting but if anything I was worried I'd make parts look worse rather than better. Contrast paints can create a really nice effect sometimes on softer materials and you need to spend a lot of time when adding to it to keep that smooth effect.