Update: Blacksmith 07 - Painting

Update: Blacksmith 07 - Painting

Published 2023-10-02

To begin with I made a black wash and applied it over the mortar and and ground slate with a sponge to give it some definition. I also added some below the walls to help create a better transition later on. I added a few layers of the wash, applying it with the brush in the smaller areas to create a bit of variation. I then mixed a small amount of brown and yellow with white to create a pale beige and used the brush to stipel it on.

For the wood once again I sprayed it with water, then applied layers of the stain and the black wash to darken it down and adding back the color that was partially lost after applying the plaster. This took a few layers letting each dry before applying the next.

For the roof I sprayed it with water, then used the sponge to apply the black wash in areas to give it a weathered effect. Then with the big brush I drybrushed the beige color all over the tiles, as well as over all the edges of the wood as well to better bring out the grain.

For the stone I mixed a grey and painted it on with a brush. I then used a sponge to apply various patches of black, a few different greys and even white into different areas to replicate a stone texture. I painted the inside of the chimney a pure black.

For the ground I watered down the brown and applied a brown paint to it to get a base layer down.

In various patches of the stone, plaster, wood and roof I added a green wash with a small amount of black to give the building a weather effect and help tie everything together. I applied the bulk lower down and in areas where rain would most likely hit and remain damp.