Update: Skullvane Manse Lair of the Astromancer

Update: Skullvane Manse Lair of the Astromancer

Published 2014-04-15

Jutting from a cliff carved with skulls and decorated with arcane symbols, Skullvane Manse is a forbidding edifice at the best of times. When the stars are in a certain alignment, and the Winds of Magic blow strong, however, the tower attracts eldritch power that discharges around the battlefield.

Skullvane Manse is my first piece of terrain to go with my Realm of Battle Boards. Now out of production I’m really glad I managed to get it! Having spotted it was no longer available in the UK and no local Games Workshop stores had it in stock either, I managed to pick up the last one from the US and it was well worth the postage cost, which thankfully includes the import tax.

It’s easily the most impressive terrain kit I’ve seen Games Workshop produce, and I’m really surprised it's no longer sold. It's a massive piece of scenery and will always likely be the centerpiece when playing games of fantasy and makes a great objective for both armies to reach, or for one army to defeat the sorcerer at top, while the other army attempts to defend them.

With the first base colours down its starting to get there, but there’s still a long way to go! Next up, get the roof finished. I will look at putting together my own tutorial on how I've painted it once it has been completed.