Update: Skullvane Manse Lair of the Astromancer II

Update: Skullvane Manse Lair of the Astromancer II

Published 2014-06-03

I thought I’d share the progress I’ve made so far on this massive piece of scenery, Skullvane Manse. The entire side with the tower is now complete and the roof and wood is complete on the other side. There’s just a huge amount of detail on this kit that you only start to see the more you paint it. It’s taking time to complete it to a high quality, but will be fully worth it once it's done.

I thought adding the glow in the skulls eyes would add that extra bit of colour to the piece and I’m happy with how it came out. I’m tempted to add it to the eyes of the skulls on the tower, but for now I don’t want to over do it. It not only adds to the piece colour-wise, but also to the magical element, being the lair of an astromancer.

The bird mess added to the roof gave it a bit more character, and I've spent a lot of time weathering all the metal over the building. To finish it off I'll be adding a lot of snow, as everything is exposed to the elements.

Once it’s complete I’ll write up a tutorial listing out exactly how I painted it. I know it’s no longer in production, but if you have the kit lying about or have any similar fantasy terrain I’m sure it might come in useful!