Showcase: Witcher Striga

Showcase: Witcher Striga

Published 2024-02-12

A striga is a human woman transformed into a monster by a curse. She is filled with hatred towards all living beings, devouring them without a second thought. She only comes out on a full moon to hunt, fighting with incredible speed and strength.

Miniature Review

I really enjoyed the Striga cinematic from Witcher 1, and it's one of the few scenes from the TV show that was done fairly well. However, I'm not the biggest fan of this type of monster being a bit too bulky for the size for my liking.

However, I think they did a decent job of the sculpt and I much prefer the look of it having arms rather than four legs that I've seen in some artwork. I also like the base, and wish more had something to stand on as it gives it more height and a more dynamic pose.

Painting Techniques


Druchii Violet
The Fang
Russ Grey
Fenrisian Grey
Blue Horror


Flesh Tearers Red
Druchii Violet
Evil Sunz Scarlet


Militarum Green
Ogryn Camo


Evil Sunz Scarlet
Dorn Yellow


Volupus Pink
Skeleton Horde
Screaming Skull

I then applied Blood for the Blood God in various places over the miniature and base.



Ratling Grime


Basilicanum Grey
Administratum Grey


Abaddon Black

For all miniatures in the set I'm using a mix of GamersGrass tufts and flowers.


I was really unhappy with it at the start. I wanted a lot lighter blue, but I wanted enough coverage that it wouldn't look like a wash over white. I thought Stormfiend would be the right color, but it came out far too dark. When I tried thinning it, it just applied patchy. In the end I had to go back to regular layering to salvage it, but it has created a final result I'm fairly happy with.