Showcase: Soulsnare Shackles

Showcase: Soulsnare Shackles

Published 2021-12-10

The ground splits with a cacophonous rattle, and manacles shoot forth to grasp at those nearby

I'm becoming more and more aware of my ever-increasing backlog, so I really want to tick some easy win miniatures off the first. The Malign Sorcery endless spells are a set of reasonably large and fairly simplistic miniatures that seem ideal for getting painted quickly using metallic and contrast paints, as well as a little highlighting.

Miniature Review

First up are the Soulsnare Shackles. They are the least interesting of the set, being just some chains and shackles with no real detail. This means I'll have to add some rust, dirt and grease to them to give them a bit of colour and visual interest.

Alternatively I could give them a more ghostly look, or add some kind of magical sheen to them. For now though I'm looking to get some miniatures painted fast, so rust it will be!

Painting Techniques


Agrax Earthshade
Nuln Oil
Iron Hands Steel
Runefang Steel
Stormhost Silver


Typhus Corrosion
Ryza Rust


Mournfang Brown
Stirland Mud

With the base fully brown and will a bit of texture I then added Patchy Plains to the base. It's a good mix of different sands and flock that gives the base a great look with minimal effort.

Once dried I then added both Army Painter Lowland Shrubs and Army Painter Swamp Tufts to break up the flat areas left by the Patchy Plains.


Overall there wasn't much to these models. I could have done a lot more on the weathering front, but for now I want to keep it simple. The rust and washes add enough to make them look realistic, and I wouldn't want to go too over the top anyway.