Showcase: Malevolent Maelstrom

Showcase: Malevolent Maelstrom

Published 2022-01-09

By manipulating the death energy around them, a wizard can manifest an unstable, all-consuming vortex which is then sent swirling into the enemy ranks.

Miniature Review

The death energy around the vortex is a lot more 3D than the burning head and almost has the shape of a grasping hand. I'm still not the biggest fan of the miniature though, it's maybe just a bit too plain. I think it needs some Nighthaunt Tormented Spirits or just some skulls flying around it to give it a more sinister feel.

Painting Techniques


Corax White
Magos Purple
Shyish Purple
Lucius Lilac
Corax White

A couple of layers of Magos Purple was applied, followed by a number of thin layers of Shyish Purple, focusing more and more towards the death energy surrounding the vortex.

Death Energy

Corax White
Hexwraith Flame
Nighthaunt Gloom
Corax White


Mournfang Brown
Stirland Mud

With the base fully brown and will a bit of texture I then added Patchy Plains to the base. It's a good mix of different sands and flock that gives the base a great look with minimal effort.

Once dried I then added both Army Painter Lowland Shrubs and Army Painter Swamp Tufts to break up the flat areas left by the Patchy Plains.


I don't often use purple, and it's great to have the contrast in colour between the vortex and the surrounding energy. It would be possible to paint and attach some surrounding flying spirits in the future to really finish it off, maybe when I decide to pick up a new army!