Showcase: Chronomantic Cogs

Showcase: Chronomantic Cogs

Published 2021-12-26

A wizard can draw on the magic of Azyr to conjure a manifestation of the very workings of the realmspheres.

Miniature Review

The cogs are fairly simple, but I really like the overall shape. The trailing fog really makes the miniature, giving the cogs movement as well as making them appear to float across the battlefield.

I feel like they could use a bit of danger added to them though, maybe sharper gears or trailing spikes. Right now it doesn't look like the most dangerous thing on the battlefield, especially when compared to some of the others in the set.

Painting Techniques


Castellax Bronze
Agrax Earthshade
Reikland Fleshshade
Castellax Bronze
Sycorax Bronze
Golden Griffon
Necron Compound


Grey Seer
Nighthaunt Gloom
Grey Seer
White Scar

The Nighthaunt Gloom was heavily watered down before applying, as I only wanted the colour to show in the recesses.


Mournfang Brown
Stirland Mud

With the base fully brown and will a bit of texture I then added Patchy Plains to the base. It's a good mix of different sands and flock that gives the base a great look with minimal effort.

Once dried I then added both Army Painter Lowland Shrubs and Army Painter Swamp Tufts to break up the flat areas left by the Patchy Plains.


Once again it's great to see you can achieve a decent effect with only a few colours. I do wonder if I made the trailing smoke darker, more like a heavy soot with some trailing embers, if it would look more dangerous. My only worry would be that it could look less magical and the floating effect wouldn't look quite right. When in doubt copy the 'Eavy Metal team!