Showcase: Brotherhood Champion

Showcase: Brotherhood Champion

Published 2015-04-27

So I painted this miniature back in April 2015 and never got round to writing a blog post. Unfortunately I only have one photo and don't have the finished piece at hand buy hey, better late than never! The Brotherhood Champion ...

Miniature Review

I always used to really like the pose of this miniature, being a metal model back from the original release of Grey Knights as an army. However now I feel like it doesn't really live up to the recent releases and doesn't really scream 'Champion'. It's great as a member as a unit, but now I feel like a something new is needed. Not that it would be that hard to build something with the new kits.

Painting Techniques

The same techniques were used as described in this tutorial. I have to admit looking back it's not my finest work. It's not terrible, but it was before I really started thinning down my paints. I always hate my own work looking back a year or more, but I know as part of an army it will look just fine!


This was just a quick post as it's been over a year since I last painted the Brotherhood Champion but hopefully it's been useful for you to see just how far I've come in the last year. I hope I can make this much progress in the next year!