Showcase: Gloomspite Gitz - Mangler Squigs

Showcase: Gloomspite Gitz - Mangler Squigs

Published 2013-07-28

My local Games Workshop recently started running a Battle of the Brush painting competition, and I just had to enter. I picked up a Mangler Squigs box being something completely different to my Grey Knight and Space Wolf army which I am used to painting. The model is great and fits in with my Night Goblin army that is in some desperate need of colour.

I was delighted to find that despite having some great competition I managed to win by a single vote! WINNER!

However, I was not so happy when I picked up the model because, being finecast and being in the summer sun for a couple of weeks, the model had become warped so that the top squig was leaning right back, almost at a 90° angle.

However, thankfully I managed to bend it back into position by heating it over a kettle. I have also used one paper clip to pin the top squig to the bottom one and another is hidden around the back behind a chain to support it when being displayed. It should hold the top squig up from now on and can be removed when used in games.

Having brought it back and fixed it up I thought it was a good time to get some photos. I'm really happy with the result and just really enjoyed painting the model. It was just so much more fun than the very uniform Space Marines. There's a lot more room to go for bold bright colours that I would never normally use and honestly despite being such a large model it was that much easier and quicker to paint.