Showcase: Loonboss with Battle Standard

Showcase: Loonboss with Battle Standard

Published 2023-05-14

A Loonboss never fights fair, ducking and weaving around his enemies and hurling mobs of cackling grots at them to wear them down, before finishing them off with a blade to the throat or between the shoulder blades.

Miniature Review

The next miniature in the old Forgeworld Night Goblin Command Set, this guy isn't exactly a loonboss but feels far too epic to just be a lowly rank and file grot. The double standard is huge and there's so much great detail in the moons it really stands out when down on the table.

The pole is made from a number of gnarly branches, covered in mushrooms and the trophies from a number of dwarves, including heads, skulls, helmets and beards. The pose of the grot is great too, making him look like a true leader rather than a lowly grot struggling to pull the huge thing along.

Painting Techniques


Gutrippa Flesh
Biel Tan Green
Warboss Green
Orruk Flesh
Ogryn Camo
Skarsnik Green
Volupus Pink
Kislev Flesh

Volupus Pink is watered down and applied around the gums and face


Blood Angels Red
Flesh Tearers Red
Flash Gitz Yellow
Phalanx Yellow

Yellow Banner

White Scar
Bad Moon Yellow
Nazdreg Yellow
Magmadroth Flame
Rhinox Hide
Yriel Yellow
Flash Gitz Yellow
Phalanx Yellow
Dorn Yellow

Magmadroth Flame is applied in patches, as well as Rhinox Hide to simulate chips. Dorn Yellow is applied to edges as well as under the chips.

Yellow Pattern on Cloak

Averland Sunset
Yriel Yellow
Phalanx Yellow


Black Legion
Thunderhawk Blue
Russ Grey
Fenrisian Grey


Steel Legion Drab
Tallarn Sand


Snakebite Leather
Agrax Earthshade
Skrag Brown

Rope & Skulls

Aggaros Dunes
Agrax Earthshade
Rakarth Flesh
Morghast Bone


Iron Hands Steel
Agrax Earthshade
Grey Knights Steel
Stormhost Silver
Nuln Oil Gloss

Nuln Oil Gloss is added as a final step when the metal has been highlighted too brightly.


Hashut Copper
Agrax Earthshade
Fulgurite Copper
Stormhost Silver

Painting Techniques (Mushrooms)


Aggaros Dunes
Morghast Bone
Screaming Skull


Luxion Purple
Genestealer Purple
Kakophoni Purple
Kislev Flesh


Doomfire Magenta
Wild Rider Red
Pink Horror
Kislev Flesh


Pylar Glacier
Temple Guard Blue
Baharroth Blue


I added some cork for rock, then applied a mix of flocks, rocks, tufts, flowers and plants, grouped below by company:

Geek Gaming Scenics

Army Painter

Finally I painted the outside of the base.

Gore Grunta Fur
Rhinox Hide


I'm really happy with how the moons on the banners came out. It brought out the detail really well and stands out amongst the army of squigs. I was worried it could look flat. It can be really difficult highlighting large areas of black, if you don't go bright enough you can't see any detail, if you overhighlight it stops looking black. I think I got the highlighting just right and it looks great, giving enough interest to not look flat but not take away from the moons.