Showcase: Da Kunnin Krew

Showcase: Da Kunnin Krew

Published 2024-07-01

This warband was hunting a Bog Wyrm in the lakes of the Misted Isles, when they witnessed the creature disappear into a drain. Ignoring Torka's protests, Mannok ordered the craft to investigate, and were sucked to the same place ending up in Harrowdeep. Mannok realized these moist caverns could become a great Kruleboy lair and decided to settle it. Now the warband is trying to find a way out so they can find a way to bring the rest of the boyz here, while harassing the other warbands that dwell in this place.

Miniature Review

Mannok da Kunnin is an Orruk Breaka-Boss of the Grinnin' Blades warclan and the Beast-Breakaz tribe, who controls the Da Kunnin' Krew. He is armed with a Try-prodda and a cruel Lash that are envenomed with a poison that can turn their foes, even the toughest into spasming wrecks.

Torka Tuffskul is an Orruk of the Grinnin' Blades and the leader of Da Kunnin' Krew. He is armed with a spiked Mansnappa and is an expert at corralling foes with it. He also wears armour into combat.

Shank is a Grot of the Grinnin' Blades and a member of Da Kunnin' Krew. He is kept in line by the malicious paymaster Krookgrin and will not desert him as long as he stands. He is armed with a Krule Net.

Krookgrin is a Hobgrot of the Grinnin' Blades and the malicious paymaster of Da Kunnin' Krew. As long as he stands the rest of the crew will not desert him and the grots will be kept in line. He is armed with a Krule Dagger.

Gikkit is a Grot of the Grinnin' Blades and a member of Da Kunnin' Krew. He is kept in line by the malicious paymaster Krookgrin and will not desert him as long as he stands. He is armed with Krule Irons.

Painting Techniques

Skin (Orruk)

Gutrippa Flesh
Ork Flesh
Terradon Turquoise
Orruk Flesh
Ogryn Camo
Krieg Khaki
Screaming Skull
Kislev Flesh
Shyish Purple
Volupus Pink

Ork Flesh is applied 1:1 with Lahmian Medium. Terradon Turquoise is applied in recesses such as the eyes, mouth, hands etc. Ogryn Camo and Krieg Khaki were applied as a glaze. Kislev Flesh is applied as a glaze around the face and hands. Shyish Purple and Volupus Pink was mixed 1:1 and applied as a very thin wash and added to the recesses as a final shade.

Sybarite Green
Screaming Skull

Sybarite Green was added as a highlight to the lips, then mixed with Screaming Skull as a final highlight of the lips.

Skin (Hobgrot)

Zandri Dust
Skeleton Horde
Lahmian Medium
Aggaros Dunes
Hobgrot Hide
Ushabti Bone

A full Skeleton Horde shade was applied using Lahmian Medium 1:2, followed by a second recess shade of Aggaros Dunes. It was then highlighted gradually from Hobgrot Hide to Ushabti Bone using mixes of the two paints to transition.


Evil Sunz Scarlet
Fire Dragon Bright


Screaming Skull
Corax White


Naggaroth Night
Xereus Purple
Genestealer Purple
Shyish Purple
Russ Grey

Shyish Purple was applied as a thinned glaze over the top to bring the brightness down. Russ Grey was used to highlight the threads.


Gore Grunta Fur
Snakebite Leather
Tallarn Sand
Corax White

Gore Grunta Fur and Snakebite Leather were applied 1:1. Tallarn Sand was mixed 1:1 with Corax White as a final highlight.


Cygor Brown
Basilicanum Grey
Gorthor Brown
Baneblade Brown
Corax White

Cygor Brown and Basilicanum Grey were applied 1:1. Baneblade Brown was mixed 1:1 with Corax White as a final highlight.


Space Wolves Grey
Basilicanum Grey
Fenrisian Grey
Corax White

Space Wolves Grey and Basilicanum Grey were applied 1:1, the shaded with pure Space Wolves Grey.


Black Templar
Stormvermin Fur
Krieg Khaki

Wyldwood and Black Templar were applied 1:1. Stormvermin Fur was mixed 2:1 with Krieg Khaki, then 1:1, then pure Krieg Khaki as a final highlight.


Flesh Tearers Red
Blood Angels Red
Wild Rider Red
Fire Dragon Bright
Lugganath Orange
Pallid Wych Flesh

Flesh Tearers Red and Blood Angels Red were applied 2:1.


Black Templar
Contrast Medium
Stormhost Silver

A wash of Wyldwood, Black Templar and Contrast Medium 1:1:2 was applied, then highlighted with Leadbelcher, then a 1:1 of Leadbelcher and Stormhost Silver.

For the weapon tips I added some rust and poison:

Ryza Rust
Warp Lightning
Nurgles Rot


Canoptek Alloy
Snakebite Leather
Contrast Medium
Canoptek Alloy
Stormhost Silver


The bases are applied with some Stirland Mud, then painted with some greys and browns for the dirt and rock. Once painted a number of tufts were applied, then finished off with some water effects.

Gamers Grass

AK Interactive

Finally I painted the outside of the base:

Rhinox Hide


I wasn't sure how far to go with the red, but I wanted to make it clear how high ranking each member was. This meant none really for the hobgrots, and a similar amount between Mannok da Kunnin and Torka Tuffskul as I imagine them fighting for overall leadership.

I had seen someone paint them with a really dark armour that I might still prefer, but I'm happy with how the unit came out and they fit in nicely with the rest of my army.