Showcase: Blackstone Fortress: Pious Vorne

Showcase: Blackstone Fortress: Pious Vorne

Published 2023-02-24

Once a hive ganger on the world of Gethsemane, Vorne became a zealous servant of the Emperor after observing Taddeus the Purifier burn heretic rebels on her world. Vorne saved Taddeus' life after one of the condemned heretics escaped from his chains, and thereafter served the Priest.

Thereafter she became known as "the Pious" and was gifted with a Flamer. Vorne has a pathological love of incendiary execution and seeks to slay any heretics who see the Blackstone Fortress as a refuge from the Emperor's light.

Miniature Review

I'm sure I've got some old Zealots somewhere that used to be a part of my Grey Knight army, lead by an Inquisitor. I really like the new wide stance and huge weapon, but I feel like old miniatures stood out with their crazed expressions. This new Zealot has a fairly smooth, dull expression in comparison.

Something that is great about the miniature is that for a non-marine the armour actually looks suitable for a flamer weapon. I feel like most would be extremely unprotected and wouldn't be able to withstand the heat. This Zealot has a heavy leather jacket, multiple layers, metal plates and a rebreather. Flames always look pretty cool too!

Painting Techniques

Black Leather

Black Legion
Thunderhawk Blue
Russ Grey
Fenrisian Grey

Brown Leather

Snakebite Leather
Gore Grunta Fur
Agrax Earthshade
Doombull Brown
Mournfang Brown
Skrag Brown


Skeleton Horde
Agrax Earthshade
Rakarth Flesh
Morghast Bone

Then add the text

Abaddon Black
Mephiston Red


Nuln Oil


Castellax Bronze
Agrax Earthshade
Castellax Bronze
Sycorax Bronze

Piping & Seal

Mephiston Red
Agrax Earthshade
Mephiston Red
Evil Sunz Scarlet


Gore Grunta Fur
Agrax Earthshade


Fyreslayer Flesh
Bugmans Glow
Cadian Fleshtone
Kislev Flesh


Bad Moon Yellow
Iyanden Yellow
Magmadroth Flame
Baal Red
Flesh Tearers Red
Abaddon Black


I mixed sand with glue and applied it to the base. I then drybrushed it with Eshin Grey, then Mechanicus Standard Grey. I then painted the outer base with Rhinox Hide.


I tried to keep a really dark tone on the metallics and leather to simulate the soot that would be created from the flamer. I kept the colorscheme fairly simple too, as there's not a huge amount of detail compared to the other hero miniatures.

I'm mostly happy with how the flames came out. Using contrast paints made it easy to create fairly smooth transitions, and the colors are nice and vibrant. Something to remember for the future!