Showcase: Blackstone Fortress: Complete

Showcase: Blackstone Fortress: Complete

Published 2023-03-22

As vast and dark as a sunless void, the Blackstone Fortress is a creation far beyond the ken of any race in the galaxy. In this age of darkness, in a galaxy riven with strife and horror, the desperate and intrepid alike search this Fortress for long-lost technologies that may be used to turn the tide of war.

In Blackstone Fortress is a coop game where you control a team of 4 characters as they navigate the fortress and battle against its inhabitants. Each character has their own unique abilities and equipment, and players must work together to overcome the challenges that they face.

The game features a randomized map, which changes each time it is played. This means you never have the same exact same experience twice, and must adapt your strategies to work in different map layouts and varying sized units of enemies. Additionally, the game includes a campaign mode, which allows players to progress through multiple games and unlock new content as they go.

Each character has their own class, special abilities, equipment, stats and personality with background lore, so with 8 different characters to play with you can really mix up each game to match your play style. As well as your joint team goal, characters have their own objectives as well and the game can be adjusted with a multiple difficulty levels to suit your needs.

Having played a few games back before painting the miniatures I can say I enjoyed it a lot more than some of the other games they've released. It has a good level of difficulty and you need a good level of planning between players to agree on the best steps to take based on the turn order each round.

There are a number of scenarios and objectives to make each game different, but there does seem to be a fair amount of farming for tokens required to unlock later parts of the game. Because of this I wonder if the game could feel a bit like a grind after a while, but I think mixing up the characters between games would help to prevent this. If not I'm sure it's possible to cheat and just take the cards you need out of the deck so you can progress at your own pace.

Now I've got the full set painted I'm looking forward to playing some more games and testing out each of the characters and hopefully making it to the end of the campaign. There's a special sealed envelope that I really need to open!

For now here's some photos of everything put together. Now onto the next project!